30 impressions

Judaica exhibition

My heart’s desire is to help to be a link between people who know very little about Judaism and the subject that has originally caused so much pain in the life of my family and brought gradually such a deep enrichment to my life.

Photo's of the exhibition

The Judaica exhibition was in the Groningen Synagogue and that was principally the 30 Impressions and metal reliefs. Each relief has a message, symbols or references, which I have explained in a short booklet.

30 Impressions book

I wrote a book of poems, impressions, each impression translated into five languages, Hebrew, Dutch, English, German and French. (Book: Thirty Impressions : ISBN 978 - 90 - 817813 - 6 - 7). The book is based on one of our holidays in Israel, this time with our youngest son who is blind. It was interesting to see how he experienced Israel, how people reacted to him there, how he reacted to various jewish artifacts and situations. Because I am a visual artist I created woodcuts for each impression that I wrote.

The book was published to coincide with my first judaica exhibition of various reliefs about Jewish subjects that I had been working on over the years


Adaptation of the exhibition
for the blind and visually impaired

The idea arose to make the exhibition and the synagogue accessible to the blind and visually impaired. On the day of 'Feel the Shul' the visitors were first welcomed, then as far as the exhibition is concerned, they were invited to feel and hear an explanation of the reliefs. There were objects for example pomegranates, shalom in relief, challe bread, placed next to the impressions so that the impressions were “illustrated” in a way that the guests could relate to.

QR codes, Braille texts and spoken explanations had also been developed for this by a company that specializes in making text and images perceptible for people with a visual impairment There was the film where our son, who was the inspiration for the book, was interviewed and questioned about five of the impressions. The 30 Impressions book was made available in spoken form.

Why Judaica?