1972-1974 Netherlands, Amsterdam, Gerrit Rietveld Academy for fine arts and design
1980-1984 Netherlands, Groningen, Minerva Academy of Fine Art

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2016 France, Vesoul, French Connextion
2014 France, Claudon, Droiteval Exhibition
2013 Netherlands, Meppel, Museum of Prints
2011 Netherlands, Meppel, Hospital
2009 Netherlands, Oostwold
2008 Netherlands, Groningen Graphic Museum
2007 Netherlands, Den Helder, Galerie Windkracht
2006 France, Droiteval, Centre d'art et culture
2003 Germany, Leer, Tollhaus
2000 Netherlands, Groningen Academic Hospital
1999 Netherlands, Groningen, Ploeghuis
1994 Netherlands, IJmuiden, VSB, Art Exhibition
1993 Netherlands, Almelo, Galerie Groeneveld
1992 Netherlands, Amsterdam Head office Shell
1992 England, Bury Museum of Art
1991 England, London, Transport museum, Tunnel visions
1990 Netherlands, Groningen, Galerie Anderwereld
1988 Netherlands, Amsterdam, City Theatre
1987 Slovenia, Ljublijana, Gallery Labirinth
1987 Germany, Norden, Die schule
1986 Netherlands, Amsterdam, Maison des Cartes
1985 Slovenia, Novo Mesto, Museum Dolenjka
1984 Netherlands, Amsterdam, Galerie Zuid

Selected Group Exhibitions

2019 France, Luxeuil-les-Bains, L'Art dans la rue
2018 Netherlands, Haren, Father & Son
2018 France, Luxeuil-les-Bains, L'Art dans la rue – first prize for sculpture
2018 Taiwan, Taichun, Museum of Fine Arts, International Print Biennale
2017 Netherlands, Winsum, Father & Son
2017 France, Luxeuil les-Bains, L'Art Dans la Rue
2016 France, Bourbonne les Bains, Centre Borvo, Art Connexion
2016 Netherlands, Hornhuizen, Galerie Gewaagd, Father & Son
2016 France, Vesoul, l'Hôtel de Ville, French connection
2015 France, Luxeuil les Bains, L'Art dans la rue
2013 Taiwan, Grapic Bienial
2012 France, Centre d'art et culture, Droiteval
2011 U.S.A. Honolulu, Frame & Arts Gallery
2010 Netherlands, Warfum, Hoogeland Museum, De Ploeg
2009 China Guawlan, International Print Biennale
2009 New Zealand, Keriker Galleri, PMC Printshow
2008 Netherlands, Overseas art project
2007 USA, Houston, Gallery M2, PMC Printshow
2007 Russia, Novosibirsk, State Art Museum, 5th Graphic Biennale
2006 Texas, USA, Gallery Lombardi
2005 Germany, Leer, Graphic print project
2005 England, London, Coutts Bank
2004 Poland, Lublin, VII int. Art Triennale
2003 Egypt, Caïro, 4th Int. Print Triennale
2002 Netherlands, Groningen, Ploeghuis, International Art exhibition ‘Plus One’
2001 London, England, The Royal National Theatre
2001 London, England, Natural History Museum
2000 London, England, Barbican Centre, PMC Print Show
2000 United Emirats, The Sharjah Arts Museum
2000 England, London, Royal National theatre
2000 Poland, Cracow, Museum of Modern Art, Colour in Graphic Art
1999 Norway, Frederikstad, Int. Print Exhibition
1998 Tokio, Japan, International Mini Print Trienale
1998 Groningen, Pictura, Reliefs on Show
1998 Sweden, Stockholm, Alexandre Mimoglou Museum
1997 England, Sheffield, Millenium Gallery
1997 Japan, Yokohama, 19th Int Print Exhibition
1996 England, London, National History Museum
1996 England, London, Docklands Art gallerie
1995 Almelo, Galerie Groeneveld, Grafics Exhibition
1994 England, Brighton, Cade, Prints made with help from computer
1993 Maastricht, Int. Grafiek Bienale
1992 Spain, Tarragona, Objectos Imposible Ocasi
1991 Poland, Lublin, Int. Triennial against war – medal for participation
1990 England, London, Barbican Centre with PMC
1996 Trienale, Majdanek, Polen
1989 Amsterdam, Gallery Hans Jansen, Printshow
1989 Canada, Toronto, Miniture atrt exhibition
1988 Warschauw, Paris Berlin with Xylon
1988 Slovenie, Vhrinika, Prints
1987 Amsterdam, Maison des Cartes
1987 Slovenie. Ljublijana, Print Biennale
1987 Amsterdam, Gallery Triple Tree
1987 New Zealand, Invercargill, 30th Int. Exhibition of photography
1986 Amsterdam, Galerie Nanky de Vreeze
1985 Ljublijana, Slovenia, Graphic Biennale
1985 Taiwan, The National Taiwan Museum of Arts, Print bienial
1985 Poland, Krakow, International Print Triennial Society
1984 Netherlands, Amsterdam, Galerie Petit

Art Activities

2019 – 2009 Netherlands and France, Graphic workshops – Own studio
2013 – 2005 Chairman of the Groninger Art Collective De Ploeg
2001 – 1998 Chairman of the Groninger Art Collective De Ploeg
2014 France, Droiteval, Graphic prints from workshop studio in NL
2011 Sappemeer, the Wolthuis shipyard project
2008 Den Helder, Gallery Windkracht, The Overseas Art Project
2006 Groningen, Moscow artists in own studio
2003 Groningen, Ploeg Gallery, Plus One international exhibitions
2001 Groningen, Graphic Museum, International Workshop
1999 London, England, Angel Lee Valley project - assisted Artist Denise Wyllie
1999 International Workshop - Own studio
1997 International Workshop - Own studio
1995 International Workshop - Own studio
1995 England, Langley, East Berkshire College, Lecture
1995 Almelo, Gallery Groeneveld, International Graphic Exhibition
1994 International Workshop - Own studio
1993 International Workshop - Own studio
1992 England, London, Art in the Libary
1991 Orvelte, Pro-Graph, International Workshop
1990 Orvelte, Pro-Graph, International Workshop
1990 Elsloo, Gallery Centaur, International Graphic Exhibition
1988 Exchange organized between Academie Minerva, Groningen and Art Academy Ljublijana
1987 Germany, Leer, Groningen Slovenia, Germany, coordinator for workshop
1986 Groningen, Fine Arts Groningen (CBK), Organized: International Printshow
1985 Germany, Norden, Exhibition organized for 8 Groninger artists