30 impressions

Judaica exhibition

My  Judaica exhibition was in the Groningen Synagogue and that was principally the 30 Impressions. 

Each relief has a message, symbols or references, which I have explained in a short booklet, making the experience of looking at the relief more enriching for the viewer.

30 Impressions book

I wrote a book of poems, impressions, each impression translated into five languages, Hebrew, Dutch, English, German and French. (Book: Thirty Impressions : ISBN 978 - 90 - 817813 - 6 - 7). The book is based on one of our holidays in Israel, this time with our youngest son who is blind. It was interesting to see how he experienced Israel, how people reacted to him there, how he reacted to various jewish artifacts and situations. Because I am a visual artist I created woodcuts for each impression that I wrote.

The book was published to coincide with my first judaica exhibition of various reliefs about Jewish subjects that I had been working on over the years