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Een portret van Peter WortelPeter Wortel

Music, drama, Judaism, history, city’s and people are important facets of the work of Peter Wortel (1954). His work consists mainly of wall relief’s, sculptures and woodcuts. ‘Architecture intrigues me, but so do the people in the city’s. Clinging to a newspaper, or plugged into a walkman, they isolate themselves’.


A world apart. Mysterious. A path with a goal. Firmly delineated. Profoundly deep. Peter Wortel’s fascination dates from 1984, his work becoming complex, the rugged metals almost coming alive, away from the flat surface and back again. Figurative yet abstract. Catching the essence of tunnels- of limits- of life with a goal. Wortel moulds and wrestles.

Wortel’s inspiration comes from the London Underground, from passageways under the Niagara Falls, from escalators and many more locations. The transparent passages of the escalators in Paris ‘Centre Pompidou have also birthed arresting work. Colourful, bright.

Inspiration? With or without. ‘I work from 8 to 5. Always!’

Exhibitions in Japan, Canada, Russia, Europe and of course the Netherlands. For more, see selected exhibitions.

His formula for international notice: show your work, exhibit it. Send lots of it up, and never travel anywhere without a roll of graphic art and photographs of wall relief’s and sculptures.

‘Breakthrough? The whole of London full of posters of your tunnel, 9000 of them for the exhibition ‘Tunnel Visions’ in the London Transport Museum. Interviews on TV, articles in the newspapers. Good experience.’

‘I don’t have a label. I don’t belong to a movement. My clients make up their own minds.’


Each impression unique, hand printed on Japanese paper. Printed with a thick layer of ink, rubbed by hand, resulting in a magnificent texture, and some of the woodcuts are embossed.

To Wortel, woodcuts are the ideal alternative to working either in the 3-dimensional or the 2-dimensional. Often the woodcuts are part of a series, some series being exhibited all over the world.